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Rest in Carpathians and Truskavets
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    Morshyn Resort - Campsite located in the Carpathian Mountains, well known in the country and its borders balneological resort. In the plains is the resort area of parks, where the sanatorium and resort-living facilities in the upper, part - mineral water springs and bottling plant for mineral producing ropy and natural salt treatment.

    Rivers, forests, rich in game, berries, mushrooms, comfortable lawn and bleak slopes - this is Prykarpattia. Morshyn has a well established road and rail connections. Many cafes, restaurants, summer pavilions will allow in the circle of friends spend their free time and relax.

    Resort Morshyn chosen due to his medical factors - mineral waters.

    Source #1
    Mineral water source #1 is assigned in diseases that are accompanied by low contents, and complete absence of free gastric acid in salted social. In this mineral water sources are manganese, iron, bromine, iodine.

    Source #4
    Used in the treatment of urine acid diathesis, urolithiasis.

    Source #6
    Mineral water well #6 is used in diseases of the digestive system with normal and increased acidity of gastric content.

    There may Morshyn successfully treated:
    - diseases of esophagus;
    - diseases of the stomach;
    - functional disorders of the stomach in violation secretion, physical activity;
    - stomach ulcer, duodenum;
    - operated stomach disease;
    - bowel disease;
    - functional disorders of the stomach;
    - liver disease;
    - biliary tract diseases;
    - functional disease of biliary tract and gall bladder;
    - pancreatitis, and others.
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