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Rest in Carpathians and Truskavets
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    We welcome you to our Web site. On this page you can see and choose the best option for rest and treatment in a picturesque places of Ukraine - Truskavets, Shidnytsya, Morshyn and areas of the Carpathians. At this club you can read only reliable and only verified information about the cottage, villa, private houses. We hope that the server will become your perfect guide to the Carpathians.

    Rest in Carpathians - the simplest, most accessible and the brightest opportunity to leave all the fatigue in the past, draw strength, the energy that just radiated Carpathians peaks. Rest in Carpathians - a real fairy tale that exists in reality. Carpathians - a place where wishes come true, where everyone feels at home. Having visited here once, you want to return again and again. We are waiting for you!

    Truskavets - one of the largest spa resorts in Ukraine, which is famous for the diversity of mineral waters, the most famous of which is "Naftusja." "Naftusja" has diuretic, bile, antispasmodic, painkiller action removes the inflammation of the kidney, urinary tract, liver, stomach and other organs, but through simulates the immune system, restores the body's protective force and prevents cancer. Truskavets, the city of the most developed infrastructure, is purchased for recreation and treatment.

    20 km. from Truskavets a small willage Skhidnytsya is situated. In Skhidnitsya there are average climate conditions, the air saturated essential resin, diluted, which changes the depth of respiration, stimulates blood organs and regulatory function of the central nervous system. Also normalizes the processes in the gastrointestinal system. Skhidnytsya is purchased for family recreation and treatment...

    To see the beauty of the mountains, to go in for skiing, snowboarding or sledges, to spend time in an open air - all this thighs you can do in Slavsko or Oryavchyk - the heart of the Carpathians...

    hotel Edem

    Skhidnytsya: recreation complex "Eden"

    villa Grand

    villa Grand

    villa Yuran

    villa Yuran

    hotel DiAnna 3*

    hotel DiAnna 3*

    hotel Tustan

    hotel TuStan

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    Hotel "Oscar ****"
    Villa "Marta ***"
    Hotel "Eden ***"
    Hotel "Tustan ****"
    Hotel "Vian"

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